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How to paint with 24 carat shell gold

How to paint with 24 carat shell gold

Anita Chowdry

The final product: finely powdered gold pigment stored in an oyster shell.Shell gold produced in a workshop with conservation staff from the Bodleian library.

As I periodically offer practical courses on how to make 24 carat “shell gold” pigment, I feel it might be useful to cover some of the applications of this marvellous pigment. The next shell gold workshops will take place on March 20th – 21st  and 17th – 18th April – please follow this link for more details.

Shell gold can be purchased from specialist suppliers and shops, but it is really not ground fine enough to enable you to understand and exploit its full capabilities. In my workshopsparticipants can learn the craft and make the very finest product, comparable to that used in the sixteenth century  royal ateliers of Iran.

The use of paper, as opposed to vellum or parchment,  developed very early in Islamic book arts , and ground gold pigment is more suited to…

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  1. Many thanks for the re-blog and for sharing this with your readers! Best Wishes, Anita


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