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Chinese book conservation

Chinese book conservation

Over the past year at the Bodleian I have been working with a small number of Chinese books requiring a variety of conservation treatments. I’m benefitting greatly from the expertise of my colleagues here and have learnt a lot about the materials and structure of Chinese books over the last year. Just up on the Bodleian’s website is a case study I’ve written about this work, complete with diagrams to elucidate some of the key features of such bindings. Please follow the link to read the article! Chinese book conservation



Chester Beatty Library, Dublin

Today is my first day as Paper Conservation Intern at the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin. Very excited about all the projects I will get to work on here, and the potential to also learn a little more about book binding. It’s the most beautiful collection:

And staffed by the most lovely bunch of people. The current exhibition China through the Lens of John Thomson is quite extraordinary as it features spectacular images of people in 19th Century China, many of which are remarkably unstaged and show insight into the culture and daily lives of the people they depict.

The photos are accompanied by some objects of clothing and accessories from the Library’s own collections, including the most wonderful child’s hat in the shape of a tiger, complete with tail. A review of the exhibition is here:

More most definitely to follow on how I progress here…